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Horizontal Cylindrical Autoclave

Horizontal Cylindrical Autoclave features triple walled construction support and comes mounted on mild steel/stainless steel based tubular stands. Further, the construction of inner chamber, middle wall and outer wall using stainless steel metal also provides for optimum functionality support. The latest technology incorporated pressure gauge, safety valve as well as steam release valve also provides for achieving optimum functional interface.
    Features :

  • System comprising of chamber and jacket support
  • Chamber constructed using thick stainless steel sheet that helps in minimizing heat losses
  • Complete shell mounted on sturdy MS tubular stand support
  • Boiler coming fitted with auto pressure control device that support maintenance of chamber pressure through cutting on/off electric supply to heaters
  • Doors made available in thick stainless steel plate and come with safety mechanism that automatically locks in event of chamber being under pressure
  • Functioning of system also supported by auto pressure control device, timer switch, alarm switch, water inlet/outlet valve, water level indicator, pressure gauge and jacket safety valve
  • Pressure vessel, middle walls, external walls, boiler, lid and tubular stand made available in stainless steel finish

Applications :

  • Finding usage for various chemical reactions in pharma & chemical industry
  • For pre-disposal treatment as well as sterilization of waste material
  • Used in hospitals for sterilizing instruments, glassware and plastic ware
  • Used for laboratory sterilization
Specifications :
Inner Size(Dia x Depth) 250 x 450mm 300 x 500mm 350 x 550mm 400 x 600mm 450 x 600mm 550 x 750mm
Capacity 22 L 40 L 50 L 78 L 98 L 152 L
Heater Load 2.0 KW 3.0 KW 4.0 KW 6.0 KW 6.0 KW 8.0 KW
Sterilizing Pressure 1.2 Kgf/Cm� (15 Psi) At 121oc
Operating Pressure From 15 Psi To 20 Psi
Pressure Gauge 0-2.1 Kgf / Cm� (30 Psi)
MOC Pressure Vessel Stainless Steel
MOC Middle Wall Stainless Steel
MOC External Wall Stainless Steel
MOC Boiler Stainless Steel
MOC Lid Stainless Steel
Tubular Stand Made Of Mild Steel Or Stainless Steel
Gasket Neoprene Rubber
Electrical Supply 230V AC 50/60Hz Or 430/440 Volts 3 Phase

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Vertical Autoclave Triple Walled

The outer body & inner working chamber is made either of heavy gauge Stainless steel. The lid & rings are made of S.S.. The lid is fitted with pressure gauge, safety valves & steam exhaust valve. The Safety Valve is set to blow off at 22 lbs/ sq. Inch to remove excess steam and to maintain the constant pressure. The Silicon gasket is fitted to ensure the steam tight joints. The unit is supported by heavy cast iron legs.
Vertical Autoclave comes with 304 grade stainless steel outer construction and fitted with exhaust valve, perforated basket, pressure gauge, safety valve and stand. Further, these also feature pressure control and low water level cut-off system support that provides safety to the element used.

    Features :

  • System provide necessary sterilization support in laboratory
  • Comes with optimum load diversity and load volume handling
  • Provides fast cooling with optional waste treatment and drying options
  • Meets the complete sterilization requirements including of instruments, glassware, liquids, culture media, pipette tips, contaminated media, biological waste
  • Also suitable for agar preparation processes
  • Neoprene rubber based gasket support
  • Pressure vessel, external walls, lid, basket provided in stainless steel sheet finish
  • Comes with accessory support comprising low water level cut off device, digital timer, pressure control switch, vacuum breaker
Accessory Pressure Control Switch, Low Water Level Cut Off Device, Digital Timer, Vacuum Breaker
Electrical Supply 220/230V AC, 50/60Hz
Specifications :
Inner Size(DiaxHt) 250 x 450mm 300 x 500mm 350 x 550mm 400 x 600mm 450 x 600mm 550 x 750mm
Capacity 22 L 40 L 50 L 78 L 98 L 152 L
Heater Load 2.0 KW 2.0 KW 3.0 KW 4.0 KW 4.0 KW 4.0 KW
Gasket Neoprene Rubber
Sterilizing Pressure 1.2 Kgf/Cm (15psi) At 121°C
Pressure Gauge 0-2.1 Kgf /Cm² (30 Psi)
Operating Pressure From 15 – 20psi
MOC Pressure Vessel Stainless Steel Sheet
MOC External Wall Stainless Steel Sheet
MOC Lid Stainless Steel Plate
Basket Stainless Steel Sheet

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